Howdy, my name is Jason 😊

I live in the United States in an area where summers are hot, winters are cold, and windy all the time.

I enjoy anything that has to do with Linux based operating systems, coding, web servers, and everything in between. Some of my favorite utilities are VS Code, NeoVim, and Git. Occasionally, I also create technology videos on my YouTube channel found here.

I started my own computer repair business when I was a young teenager making house calls and fixing computers for local businesses. I used to advertise my business with advertisements glued to the tops of pizza boxes at a local pizza restaurant. A few years later I was developing and designing websites while hosting the sites on my own servers that I managed.

Nowadays I work for a large software company helping people and customers get things done.

Sometimes I get questions about what hardware and software I use. You can view the stuff I use on my uses page.

Thanks for visiting! 🍻